Feed a Poor Family

Poverty and hunger always go hand in hand, which further lead to malnourishment and stunted growth in children. Pakistan has one of the largest number of people suffering from poverty. According to estimates, more than 25% people in Pakistan are living below the poverty line. Al-Mustafa strives to reduce the effects of poverty by its food aid program.We are supporting 3,000 needy families on monthly basis with Kafalat Program (Monthly Sponsorship Program), by helping them with ration bags with one month of food supplies, money, free health and education facilities and jobs. The objective of Kafalat Program is to support those families who do not have guardian or who have any severe problem. All the families that are being supported by Al-Mustafa are verified and deserving.Al-Mustafa Welfare Society also distributes Monthly Ration Bags to the deserving people during the month of Ramadan and among the victims of any natural or accidental disaster.

A family’s monthly ration cost = PKR 4,000 / $27

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