Coffin Carriers

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Death is an in-evitable part of life and every human being has to taste it, but it is also the most heart-aching event especially for the family and friends. At this time, the family and friends of the person would want to give their lost loved one the most honorable burial but at the same time they are so immersed in their grief that arranging for a funeral seems a difficult task. Also, when someone dies in a poor family, especially after a long illness, the family is under extreme economical and emotional crisis. Losing a loved one in itself feels like a trauma, and then being un-able to provide an honorable last service adds tons to their grief.

Al-Mustafa Welfare Society always strives to stand with the poor and the grieved in every possible way. Since, graveyards are usually situated far away from the living areas and it is difficult to take the coffin from the home all the way to graveyard, we have Coffin Carrier service. Our coffin carriers are big busses designed to take coffins along with mourners to the burial.