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My home Al-Mustafa Welfare Society is the place which the orphans proudly call as their home. At My Home, orphans are provided shelter, food, clothing, education, health, sports and all other facilities of life with love, affection and care. The administration of My Home Al-Mustafa Welfare Society is educated and experienced, they maintain a disciplined yet friendly environment for the kids. The kids follow a proper time table for all activitiesb like study, meals and sports etc.


All the orphans of My Home Al-Mustafa Welfare Society are enrolled in Al-Mustafa Welfare Society Academy, Korangi, where they study with other students of the area. Our aim is to provide these kids quality education so that they can pursuit for higher studies as per their interest in the future.


The diet of the kids is given special attention and a balanced diet plan has been designed according to the needs of growing children, which is strictly followed. This diet plan is also reviewed according to the season, making sure the kids get to eat all the fruits and wholesome dishes of the season. The management of Al-Mustafa Welfare Society has also employed a full-time experienced nurse who receives first aid medical supplies from Al-Mustafa Welfare Society Medical Centre by the approval of the senior doctors. For serious illness or in case of any accidental injury the child is taken to the hospital immediately. Our expert doctors also visit the orphanage once every month for an over-all check-up of every child.


Children have particular needs for clothing according to the season. Appropriate dressing according to the season not only ensures good health but also boosts up the confidence of a person. Our trustees always give special attention to the dressing of My Home orphans. The children are not only dressed according to the season but they are also taught to keep themselves neat, clean and well-dressed according to the time and occasion.


Physical activity is a must part of a child’s life. It not only makes the children happy, but it also makes them healthy, active and intelligent. The kids at My Home are encouraged to take active part in sports and physical activities like cricket, football, cycling etc in the evening during their activity time.


At My Home Al-Mustafa Welfare Society we also take care of the character building of our orphans by teaching them good morals and good manners. Our trustees also invite successful personalities from different fields of life to visit the orphanage. These personalities inspire our children and encourage them to pursuit their dreams and work hard to gain success. Such visits are a great help to boost the confidence of these orphans and this way they realize their importance in the society.


In taking care of all the aspects of a child’s life, Al-Mustafa Welfare Society never forgets the most important part i-e the fun part. We regularly arrange picnics, fruit parties and field trips to different locations for our kids.


Our trustees take special care of the children’s security. No un-authorized person can enter the orphanage nor is it allowed to take any child outside the orphanage without approval. Visits of only reliable and well reputed personalities with high moral standards are arranged with our trustees. Our trustees themselves visit the orphanage frequently and inspect each and every area of the orphanage to make sure that no rules or protocols are being neglected or violated. The building of the orphanage has a full CCTV camera coverage and is fully guarded.