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Al-Mustafa Welfare Society regularly organizes different health awareness programs like seminars, workshops and community events on different international days related to health, such as World Health Day, World Diabetes Day, World Thalassemia Day, World Kidney Day, World Stroke Day etc. These programs increase public awareness about different disease, its treatment and prevention. Such programs are an effective tool to educate the society on different health issues and are extremely helpful in pursuing our mission to build a healthy community.
We also organize awareness seminars whenever there are chances of an epidemic like Dengue, Measles, Malaria etc. or if there is a forecast of extreme climatic changes such as heat waves/thunder storms hitting the country.


Al-Mustafa is playing an effective role in the eradication of Polio with Rotary International and World Health Organization. Our Chairman Dr. Haji Muhammad Hanif Tayyab is also Rotary International’s Chairman of Scholars Committee for Eradication of Polio in Pakistan. Through these efforts we are taking effective part in negating the negative propaganda against the campaign of Polio Eradication. We hold Polio Eradication and Awareness Seminars all over Pakistan with Islamic Scholars, in Colleges, Universities, Hospitals and Community Centers. Al-Mustafa also has Free Vaccination Facility available in our Hospitals and Clinics.


Our Thalassemia Campaign is also ongoing side by side with the Polio Eradication Campaign. We organize different community programs and seminars to spread awareness of this disease and how this can be prevented by a simple test before marriage.
Our Chairman Haji Hanif Tayyab, never misses the opportunity at any forum i-e print and electronic media and other national and international programs to spread the message of Thalassemia awareness. With his ever so polite, impressive and convincing way, he makes people understand the miserable life of the affected children and the importance this deadly disease’s prevention. Our Chairman also takes religious scholars from different schools of thought on board to join hands for the same cause and encourage people to take pre-emptive measures i-e thalassemia screening before marriage.
Chairman Al-Mustafa Welfare Society, Haji Hanif Tayyab is also voicing the Government of Pakistan for a legislation to make thalassemia screening mandatory for the couple prior to marriage and facilitate the people to attempt this test as implemented in many other countries of the world.

Awareness needs to be created for the eradication and prevention of many diseases and awareness is what we are spreading with our health awareness campaigns.