What we do


Health problems have become the major issue across the world specifically in underdeveloped countries like Pakistan. The health indicators of Pakistan especially pertaining to women and children are not very encouraging.
Al-Mustafa Welfare Society’s priority is to raise the living standards of less privileged people by investing in long-term solutions. For that purpose, we have built hospitals, medical centers, child and maternity care centers and clinics. Apart from building health facilities we also arrange different free medical camps in the sub-urban areas and prisons, established an ambulance service and frequently organize health awareness programs and campaigns on different health issues to educate the society. We keep on expanding our services with the help of our donors and volunteers.


Education is the key to success for any individual or the society collectively. It is the most powerful and effective tool to eliminate poverty and its effects.
Al-Mustafa Welfare Society not only emphasizes on the importance of education on different forums but we have always taken practical steps by establishing more than 15 schools and Girls college in under-served areas of the country, to educate the less privileged and ignored class of the society. We also support students with education scholarships.


Poverty and hunger always go hand in hand, which further lead to malnutrition and stunted growth in children. Pakistan has one of the largest number of people suffering from poverty.
We strive to reduce the effects of poverty and malnutrition by our food aid program with the distribution of 800 tons of rice among 80,000 families, daily distribution of fresh prepared meals to the poor and hungry and distribution of fresh meat obtained from the sacrifice of animals for our sadqah, aqeeqah and congregational qurbani programs among the poor people who cannot afford the luxury of eating meat. Distribution of monthly ration bags on different occasions such as ramadan, among the victims of any natural or accidental disaster is our another way to support poor people for their food needs.


There are millions of children and adults in streets who are abandoned and homeless. For these people, health and education are luxuries as they fight for their survival on daily basis. They do not even have a bed to sleep on or a shelter to be protected from the harsh weather or food to fill their empty stomachs.

We at Al-Mustafa Welfare Society feel their pain and are trying to make a difference with different social programs like Orphan Support Program (sponsoring orphans for their needs, education and health), orphanage, old age houses, Marriage Support Program, Monthly Sponsorship Program, Coffin Carrier Service and skill development centers.


Al-Mustafa Welfare Society has always responded to the call of rescue, relief and rehabilitation whenever a disaster has occurred in the country or outside the country. Al-Mustafa has a vast network of workers and volunteers throughout Pakistan and overseas, so, whenever the need has emerged, like earthquake in 2005, floods in 2010,11,12, Syrian refugees in refugee camps of Turkey, Jordan and Hungry, victims of Muslim genocide in Burma, local fire incidents etc, Al-Mustafa Welfare Society has always responded promptly and taken full part in the rehabilitation of the victims in every possible way.