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Thalassemia is an inherited blood disorder. It reduces the amount of hemoglobin in a human body, leading to anemia. Deficiency or a lesser count of red blood cells, or too little hemoglobin in blood, is ‘Anemia’ - which simply means a shortage of blood. If the anemia is mild, it does no harm but if it is severe, the person becomes ill and will need regular blood transfusion, as the tissues do not have sufficient oxygen to perform their functions.THALASSEMIA FACTS
  • Annually 6,000 Children are born with Thalassemia Major in Pakistan.
  • 70% Die before the age of 10 60% to 70% succumb to Hepatitis B or C and die before reaching 10.
  • 90% Children belong to low income group families.
  • Established Thalassemia Unit in 2008
  • Conduction of awareness seminars, walks and different community events to spread awareness of Thalassemia and its prevention.
  • 125 Registered Patients
Services Provided
  • Monthly laboratory investigations.
  • Weekly examination by the consultant.
  • Blood transfusion (10,171 times done).
  • Iron chelation therapy (27,932 times done).
  • Free medicines.
  • Different fun activities for children.

Patient’s monthly treatment cost = PKR 18,000 / $120

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