Sponsor a Girl’s Marriage

Sponsor a GIrl Marriage
Al-Mustafa Welfare Society regularly organizes congregational marriage programs all over Pakistan in which multiple marriages are arranged in one program. We also support individual marriages in availability of our Marriage Support Fund. In congregational/individual marriages, we provide the following items to each couple in order to support them for the new beginnings.
  1. Basic home furniture which includes
    1. Double bed with side tables
    2. Two chairs along with table
    3. A cupboard
    4. Bed mattress, blanket and pillows etc.
  2. Sewing machine
  3. Pedestal fan
  4. Steel crockery
  5. Dinner set
  6. 35 guest invitations for each couple
Al-Mustafa Welfare Society has successfully arranged marriages of 666 couples in different congregational marriage ceremonies during the course of few years.

Marriage cost per couple = PKR. 90,000 / $. 600/-

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