Al-Mustafa Welfare Society

Zakat to help the poor and needy.

The obligatory charity * is only for the destitute and the really needy, and those who collect it, and for those in whose hearts the love of Islam needs to be instilled **, and to free slaves, and to debtors, and in Allah’s cause ***, and to the traveller; this is decreed by Allah; and Allah is All Knowing, Wise. [Taubah 9:60] (* This applies only to Zakat.** The new convert to Islam.*** To the fighter having no provisions for holy war.)

Al-Mustafa Welfare Society is serving thousands of poor and needy people daily through its Medical Centres, Clinics, Schools, Orphanages and Islamic Centres. Al-Mustafa is also supporting thousands of poor and needy families on monthly basis to cover their needs of food, children’s education, orphan girl’s marriage and also helping people self employed through small amount. Zakat is spent according to Shariah Law advised by the Scholars of Islam.